10 Reasons why girl -Emily want boyfriend

Aswesom fact of Emily.

Seasons times


Here are the ten supper truth of the girl- Emily want boyfriend.

Girl love talking on mobile, Messaging because she has lot of time to spend, she is very clever. They know how to use time, expert in time management.

Sweetie like carrying no wallent, she just want to roam around free. She just require one mobile and little paisa for miscall. Nothing to no worried.

One miscall make her day, she can recharge her mobile, go outside with boyfriend, watch movies and dinner.

On weekends, boyfriend really want good amount of sleep, but what she want is? shopping. baby will recharge her mobile on own, call her boyfriend or take her scooty to his apartment and parked in the parking area. She will wake him up forcefully for shopping. At the billing counter, ‘I am sorry, do you 1000 Rupee extra in wallet?

No doubt, babe is intelligent, but…

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Summer will be knocking your door soon, be prepared

Be ready with shopping list

Seasons times


Guys! Now winter is at its end, we really need to care for our skin. Its time to change the stuff at our home.

Everyone has different body tone and texture and accordingly we have to change our routines as well as cosmetic bags.

Essential oil we all have used in winter to keep our body soft and nourish.

Dry skin had tough time rather oily skin. Proper and timely diet plays major role in every seasons.

Have you thought of any diet change for summer? If not, then need to start well planning.

Intake of water needs to be more in summer. Below are the list of foods you need to lower the intake for the next few months.

* Eggs, higher in acidic, try to avoid and stop consuming March, April and May.

* Chicken, not more than twice in a moth is fine and good to have…

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